Terrorized? Taxco México welcomes you to live in tranquility and peace.
Come and live in one of the most beautiful small cities in Latin America.

Be part of our community – if you come here to live in Taxco,
if you like, we will introduce you to at least twenty local persons
so you can begin to make new friends for your residence here.

There are several hundred English-speaking foreign residents of Taxco,
Among them quite a few artists, writers, sculptors, painters, and designers.

Taxco del Alarcon is one of the oldest continual European settlements in México;
paved in stone mosaic and white walled and red tiled; picturesque beyond belief.

300 days a year, the temperature is about 72 degrees with blue sky and white clouds;
at 5200 foot altitude, the air is thin and clear, the coldest it gets in winter is about 50 F.

The people of Taxco are used to entertaining tourists, so many people speak English;
and, of course, the hospitality of the Mexcan people is well-known all over the world.

The silver jewelry slump has caused reverses for many jewelry wholesalers in Taxco
for this reason, there are beautiful and valuable properties on the market at low costs.

To learn about Taxco, please go to this website link http://artcamp.com.mx/taxco/taxco.php
to learn more go to any Travel Agency and ask, also look up Taxco in a search engine

The lifestyle in Taxco is relaxed and safe; you can live a peaceful here life and enjoy it;
if you have a retirement income, the Mexican government will give you resident status.

We have some beautiful houses that can be purchased for very low prices by historical standard;
Real estate in Taxco - a town with a long tradition and world famous - can only go up in value.

We work with a local real estate agency well-versed in the legal aspects of land ownership in México;
Properties thoughout México are owned by non-Mexicans – this is, in itself, NOT any problem.

Our partners have served in various posts of public trust and are well-known and recommendable;
Easily, we will provide you with references and guarantees that they are fully licensed and qualified.

We must screen prospective buyers of Taxco property; we are NOT just going to sell to anybody;
our requirments are only that you are good and decent people wanting to live peacefully with us

E-mail at your earliest convenience to arrange an appontment to see the houses we have available;
We will provide you with detailed travel instructions in order that you come and visit Taxco soon.

It there is other detailed information you would like to have you are welcome to communicate
with us in confidence and we will be happy and willing to answer any question you have.

For further information email to: honoria[a]artcamp.com.mx

Our artisans' cooperative, Artcamp, is collaborating on this project with Paraiso Real Estate Company here in Taxco