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We are Artesanas Campesinas,
an authenthic traditional womens cooperative in rural mexico.
The original designers of the Stone Mosaic and the Abalone Shell Jewelry.

We’re so happy that you find us!

You can be part of this social movement,
that takes jewelry around the world providing work to the traditional
artisans in the rural villages.
Be part! Become a distributor, become our friend.

Take a look of the ArtCamp’s jewelry lines:

Since 1980, women at Art Camp have designed hundreds of styles in jewelry, always inspired by the local tradition of lapidary art and metal.


Stone Mosaic Jewelry.
Earrings, bracelets, rings… full of colour! Expert lapidary stone work in fine metall alloys.

Abalone SHell banner

Abalone Shell Collection
Blue Pacific Abalone Shell expertly worked. Extracted by the Yaqui tribe in Baja California Norte.

Xakira banner

Xakira Collection.
Xakira and crystal beaded jewelry, combined with fine metal.

Silver Overlay banner

Silver Overlay Collection.
Elegant, ethnic, original designs by ArtCamp.