Our rural womens artisans cooperative in Guerrero, México
is proud to present



the poor village girl
who fell in love
with a macho bull-rider .


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Azucena is the poor village girl who fell in love with a macho bull-rider.


The new presentation of Artcamp's e-novel Azucena.


You receive scene-by-scene English/ Spanish.emails.


After an introduction, Azucena has 240 scenes - sit back, enjoy.


Experiencing the story slowly is the way to enter an exotic atmosphere
of a young Mexican village girl from a very poor family, who falls in love.


Our graphical presentation of Azucena
is an experimental project and ongoing.


The faces and the scenes in our romantic stories
are the faces and scenes of Taxco and Tecalpulco.


It is easy for you; only to relax, wait for our emails;
read the scene of the day in English and/or in Spanish.

This is like nothing ever seen on the Internet before; there is nothing to compare it to either:
This story is an excursion into the world of a village girl who throws her heart away for love.

Do YOU Want to Know
What Is Going On
in the Heart
of a Young Mexican Girl in Love?

Then read this...

She worked hard washing the clothes
and taking care of her little brothers and sisters:
she always sang to herself while scrubbing

One day she said
"Papa, Magda invited me to go with her to the rodeo."
Her pa gruffly answered "No".
"You are too young. You arent allowed out. Forget it."

When the night came, her pa was getting drunk
she could NOT resist her desire she went anyway
there, at a dart game, she met the man of her heart.

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Cast of Characters

Her Mother
Her Father
Her Brothers and Sisters
Her teacher
Magda, her friend from the little store
Arturo, the bull-rider
"La Chona", Arturo's sidekick
Arturo's mother and father.
Arturo's three sisters.
Wise Old Alegunda
Retarded Aurora
San Francisco.
The Raven-hair Girl
The Restaurant Owner.
Manolo's family.
The Xalitla Vendor
The Xalitla Baby
The Lieutenant
The Policemen.
The Lady Attorney.
The Judge
The Prisoners

Azucena Novela is an internet literary event and
YOU are invited to be a part of the experiment!

Experience Azucena Novela if any of the following apply to you...

  • You love, or would like to get to experience, mexico village culture
  • You like to read fresh-well-written vignettes of modern mexican village life
  • You like to read about love - the kind of total love the mexican women live
  • You want to learn Spanish
  • You want to learn English
  • You are a student of literature.
  • You are a teacher of literature or of Spanish American cultural studies.
  • you would like to daydream a few minutes a day and visit a mexicana's heart

YOU ! you are invited to partake of this innovative literary experiment

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the poor village girl who fell in love
with a macho bull-rider


the poor village girl
who fell in love
with a macho bull-rider .




p.s. you will love this !

ps. each scene is in Spanish and English;
it is just great for learning either language.

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