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      Product Statement



Product Statement

When we describe our items, we do it based on our best, sincere judgment.
We do not exaggerate. If someone happens to see information missing
or incorrect in a description, they just notify us
and we will be are than happy to incorporate or correct it.

We assure everyone that we will do everything possible
to make your buying experience here a good one.
We represent a community based artisans cooperative
and we believe in courtesy, respect and traditional service.

We try to treat every customer with the care he or she deserves
and we understand that only thing that will bring them back to us
is how we treat them, each and every time. We are as fast as we can
in responding to our buyers not just before the sales
but certainly after the sale also.

Ours is a good product at a good price and a good value
and we genuinely appreciate those who appreciate us.

Thank you.

p.s. sometimes, because of technological limitations,
and sometimes, because we are still learning
and not able to do all we would do
to serve our customers, we have failings.

In advance we ask you to forgive us
if we fail in some way to serve you
and give us a chance to make amends. Friends!



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