Welcome! / ¡Bienvenido!

We are Artesanas Campesinas,
an authenthic traditional womens cooperative in rural mexico.
The original designers of the Stone Mosaic and the Abalone Shell Jewelry.

We’re so happy that you find us!

You can be part of this social movement,
that takes jewelry around the world providing work to the traditional
artisans in the rural villages.
Be part! Become a distributor, become our friend.

We learned the craft work of our fathers working the abalone shell in the 40s, we started the ArtCamp cooperative in the 80s to provide work for those women who had been left alone with their children in the town, due to the massive migration of men who were between 70 and 80. The cooperative allows the artisans to sell directly to distributors, which allows for better profits for both sides.

Artesanas Campesinas we are always thinking on you since we elaborate the pieces with the natural beauty, sentiments, and thoughts of each woman made with every effort to beauty all women.


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