Joyeria Mexicana de abulon es un producto famoso a nivel mundial creado por nuestros padres y abuelos en los pueblos de Tecalpulco y Taxco el Viejo, Municipio de Taxco Guerrero. Mexico. Este es una joyeria popular de los años 70's y 80's y 80's y 90's








The building of an earth masonry dam in a ravine about 2 kilometers from Tecalpulco
The purpose of the dam is to capture a large volume rainy season water.

The village has already built the dam I am talking about
at a perfect location in an arroyo
about 1000 meters above the pump
that serves the water distribution system of the village.

The dam was built about two years ago and it serves its purpose.

But Tecalpulco was only able to construct the dam in earthworks.

Because the village did NOT have much money to work with
still Tecalpulco’s Water Committee made a considerable accomplishment.

(funding was from the state government, and Taxco Municipality
provided the use for several weeks of a claw-hand excavator tractor)

1. they cut a way to get into the dam location with heavy equipment

2. they constructed an earthen dam across the ravine about 100 meters in length

This dam captures a LOT of water (the ravine is deep)
but the water pressure broke a part of the dam through
to about a level of two meters at least

Also, the people fear that it might break, endangering
women and kids who go to wash in the arroyo below.

The dam is located about 1000 meters up a ravine
from the town well and pump
that services Tecalpulco’s distribution net with water.

They want to connect the reservoir up the arroyo with the town well
It is About 1500 meters in length down the arroyo below to the pump.

In the dry months, February – June, water is very scarce in Tecalpulco.

The local landscape turns into a desert of hardy thorn bushes.

People have to buy water by the tank truck to fill their deposit tanks.

Because water is so scarce, people drink polluted water at times.

The idea behind the construction of the earthworks dam
Is to conduct the water down by gravity to feed the town well.

That mass of water up there also helps raise the water table farther down

There are quite a few good places to make such reservoir dams on that arroyo,
eventually that will be the plan, to create a series of reservoirs along that ravine.

No matter how many dams you build
or how large they are,
they will all fill with water in a rainy season.

The present project is to support the dam with a masonry wall,
reinforced with steel rod in concrete.

Then, Tecalpulco will count on a valuable large reservoir
and source of water to feed the town pump in dry season.

The men of Tecalpulco are all stone builders;
they are all qualified to construct the masonry.

This is an opportunity to present a real showpiece of a dam;
…a dam to be proud of having been a part of getting it built.

The idea is to re-enforce with stone, iron, and cement,
the earthworks dam that has already been built there.

The next thing to do after re-enforcing the earthworks dam
will be to have a bulldozer carve away the surrounding hills
to widen the reservoir so as to greatly increase its capacity.

The people of Tecalpulco, working with the government,
built this earthen dam with their own resources because they NEED water.

It is extremely desert-like in Tecalpulco in the dry season and water is critical.

What they did when they built that earth dam, was stock it with mojarra fish.

This type of fish productively reproduces. When somebody is really hungry
he or she can go catch one and have their mama fry it up with tortilla and salt.


The village authorities for the water project are
: the Comisario, the water commission people,
and “Bienes Communes” “Common Assets”)

Indeed, we count upon volunteer support efforts from these officials and others.

The project goes right to the heart of the most important need of Tecalpulco: water.

You are invited to come to Tecalpulco. Please come here, you will meet these people

Artcamp intends to realize the project through the Municipal government of Taxco
as we have good relations with the Municipal President Abram Ponce Guardarama.

The function Artcamp intends to perform in all this project
will be to carefully observe, document, and audit the project itself
and to provide a transparent accounting
in the form of a report on the Tecalpulco Water Project internet website.

Artcamp makes sure that money is ONLY spent on the necessary budgeted items.

Artcamp is interested in the efficient outcome of the project – water in Tecalpulco.

Artcamp’s Contadoras Campesinas Project is employed to make sure
the Municipal government makes the best use of provided resources.

Artcamp will be working with Taxco Municipal government.
They have workers, and offices, and vehicles to put into this.

The government will love it - because they can take the credit for the project itself -
and by facilitating the project, and adding in Municipal resources, they will deserve it.

The government will deserve credit for facilitating the efficient success of the project.
Artcamp’s role (via Contadoras Campesinas) is to insure that the funds are well spent.


Contadoras Campesinas Project is a scholarship program for village women
to form an accounting office under the tutelage of licensed accountant (Juana Burgos)
to oversee and closely document the cost of the Tecalpulco Water Project
for publication in demonstration of perfect financial transparency.
on Artcamp’s TECALPULCO WATER PROJECT Internet Web Site
***Contadoras Campesinas***

Contadoras Campesinas grants scholarships to village girls
its project that is administered by secondary-school teachers

It is the Luca Pacioli Tecalpulco accounting scholarship
for the brightest and most motivated students of numbers

It is a very modest scholarship, only $100usd/month
they study with a Licensed Accountant Juana Burgos

She teaches the novices at the same time employs them
to keep the expense records of Tecalpulco Water Project

The record-keeping of private-public development projects
is the central function and exercise of Contadoras Campesinas
***Contadoras Campesinas***

Summary: by having simple country women be responsible for the book-keeping
of the project, confidence is engendered for everyone involved with the project
that the resources are being applied in a rational manner, and nobody is stealing.


WHY work with the Taxco Municipality?

By using the municipalities and through the apprenticeship accounting program,
the significant expenses of notaries, lawyers, permits, fiscal reports,
and all manner of legal formalisms required
when working with typical private non-profit corporation,
are minimized.

It is also much easier for a Municipal government to get a permit to import something
than it is for a private association, constituted for the purpose of non-profit donation receiving.

Just as with the donation of the ophthalmic equipment directly to the Secretary of Health,
it is much more convenient and more cost efficient to channel donations via the government

Thus, the Artcamp Cooperative takes oversight responsibility
for the use of the funds by the Municipality of Taxco del Alarcon;
with Contadoras Campesinas providing a detailed ongoing audit
that is published on the Tecalpulco Water Project Internet web-site

Visit the Tecalpulco Water Project Homepage