Joyeria Mexicana de abulon es un producto famoso a nivel mundial creado por nuestros padres y abuelos en los pueblos de Tecalpulco y Taxco el Viejo, Municipio de Taxco Guerrero. Mexico. Este es una joyeria popular de los años 70's y 80's y 80's y 90's



Hospital Adolfo Prieto


In 2001, our cooperative organized the donation of ophthalmologic equipment
to the local public Adolfo Prieto Hospital. The air carrier DHL International
donated the flight of the equipment from Columbus Ohio to Taxco, Guerrero.

This project worked out so well that we were all honored by the State Secretary of Health
And representatives from the Municipal Government and from the DIF, a health agency.
At a public event on March 6 2002 on the occasion of the unveiling of the new equipment

The Adolfo Prieto Hospital is so bare that it is not funny, the X-ray machine is from the late 1940s
and the operating tables are probably from the same period. Taxco's Adolfo Prieto's Hospital

serves the poor people, who have no other resource when they get sick or are injured.

The Taxco Hospital Project is an initiative of Artcamp, our rural women’s artisans cooperative
in order to serve our community and also ourselves and our families.

Everything we do is completely legal and in the open. The medical equipment goes
Directly to the Hospital which is owned by the State of Guerrero.
The unofficial guardians of the donated ophthalmologic unit are the angelic nurses who work in the Hospital.

We are very happy to have such a good relationship with the nurses and doctors and administrators of the Hospital.

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