La calidad de plateria reconocida mundialmente Joyeria hecha a mano en Mexico; Joyeria de Taxco .925 Plata fina Mexicana.






Thank you so much for your wonderful tour of your organization. It was so fascinating to see the care
and detail you practice when making your jewelry.
It really shows in the quality of your pieces.
I wish your continued success!
Muchas Gracias

Dawn Willis -

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We thank the women of Artesanas Campesinas
for the warm, wonderful welcome
they have given our University Business Group.

I was very impressed with the excellence of preparation for your presentation. Your explanations and documentation are very complete and easy to understand. Your presentation was very well planned and organized.

Artesanas Campesinas should be very proud of their presentation. In my business I have assisted executives of major multi-national corporations who have been far less prepared to deliver a presentation to audiences of thousands than your group was to present its information to our small group today.

Your business processes also impressed me. Your systems are very well planned to keep track of orders, production and payments.

Thank you very much.

Amy Quake

Lo que me gusto:

La demostracion
La traduccion

Todo estaba muy bonito gracias por todo. Espero hacer las conecciones con ustedes en Dallas. La artesania es preciosa.


The Artcamp

First of all Muchas Gracias!
In all the years I have looked and purchased silver/pewter jewelry I have never seen it made. You all are truly gifted artists and have the history & foundation for a succesful future.

Thank you for your warm welcome & demostration. Your business is organized and well cared for.
We will do our best to help you reach your goals! And business also!

Thank you again!

Dana Townson


Overall, I am very impressed by your business. Your presentation was well prepared and full of good detail on your ordering, manufacturing, outsourcing shipping, and quality control processes.

This has been extremely interesting. I wish you much success in the future. I hope to see your product lines more available in the Dallas, Texas area.

Best Regards,

Jim Scheffel

January 7th 2003.

The cooperative is appears well organized. Well distributed organization of labor. Everyone seems to know what their jobs are and same should be maintained.

I think the corporation should explore other ways of improving it’s inflow of funds to increase its capital base.

To improve your competiveness, it will necessary to investigate your competitors and how thery are able to sell their silver products a whole lot cheaper from the Asian Countries.

The unity amongs the group is obvious and should be maintained.

Andrew Udeme

Thank you so much for a very informative demostration of your business, I am very impressed by the work you all have put into the presentation. I found the jewelry-making demostration very interesting, It has created a new appreciation of your craft for me. I look forward to reading through your hand outs and learning more about your business plan for the future. I wish you luck in the future with all of your endeavors.

Muchas gracias.

Juls Denton

January 7, 2003

President: Study Circles, Inc
439 Lowell In.
Richardson, Tx 75080

Re: Visit to cooperativa de Artcamp

Dear Angela:

I have organized Academic Study Tours for MBA Students in countries all over the world. I have never had a more warm, professional, well organized and informative visit. You impressed both the minds and the hearts of our students. Don’t change anything!!! Continue to speak from the heart and believe in yourselves. Times will be somtimes good, sometimes less good, but never forget you have a friend in me. Keep in touch, please.

Ines Weber.

Hola! and Muchas Gracias!


I certainly enjoyed your presentation. It was so profesionally written and delivered. Congratulations! A beautiful job! I know it must have taken many hours of preparation and to do the translation. Thank you for the copies of information. It will be most helpful in our project.

I like the way everyone played a part in the presentation and demostrations. Fantastic!
I had never seen hands on jewelry making. It was such a great experience, I am more of a visual learner rather than a learner from books. It was most helpful. It makes one appreciate all the work that goes into making of each piece of jewelry. It makes it all very special! You are each very special people!!

My best wishes for much success in your enterprise! Best wishes also for health and happiness in 2003.

Best regards,

Ann Mc Conville
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