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Goal: To generate a successful model of functional artisan-owned distribution.

Looks Like: Shelves, Tables, Inventory, Shipping Materials, Computer, Data Base,
Website Product Catalog, CDROM Product Catalog, Offset Print Catalogs

*System calls for 20 – 30 packages to be shipped at the same time
in order to optimize the ship/import cost.

A weekly shipment 25 packages X $200usd = $5000weekly sales = $300,000usd/yearly sales
For average under one kilo packages, cost would be about $7usd + $4usd
Add $1one usdollar for the handling where the master import is broken into individuakl shipments
$12usd is the estimated through-Customs delivered price, factory-to-door.

Retailer places order from an Artcamp Catalog via FAX or email.

The incoming order is checked against existing inventory
of finished and semi-finished pieces

Parts of the order that are not available in stock, are set into the appropriate production sequence;
at this time a determination is made of whether and how many extra pieces to make for stock.
Just so, the production capacity of the shop is integrated into the stock inventory position.

Orders come in and are fulfilled from the shelves
and/or the orders are set into production;
A modern data base is applied to the over-all operation.


Our intention is to produce, now, the conditions for the establishment
of a new functional commercial model; the idea of producer-ownership

Artisan-owned direct distribution when it has been proven successful,
will provide a valuable tool taken into hands of 3rd World producers..

This is, indeed, an historic project, one that really will make a difference;
There is NO need for so much capital to be soaked up in USA stockrooms

To a wholesaler, the cost of holding inventory is a great part of his burden;
and he/she always has too much of somethings, and too few of some others.

And the wholesaler has to think and project sales and make up purchase orders,
and pay the stock girls and the accountant and the life style, fixed expenses etc.

All of this burden of stock inventory and sales projection and $usdollar expenses
could be best retained by the producers who would invest in upgrading capability.

Is it not logical that it were always cheaper to ship direct to the final customer
rather than to a foreign warehouse, *then* ship again to the final customer???
Obviously, it would be actually less costly to ship factory-to-the-final-door.

All the costs of handling the merchandise, counting it, organizing it,
counting it again when it goes out, maintaining all kinds of papers....

When the Artcamp women count and pick, making up the packing list,
whether it is small or large, we will make sure that it is done perfectly.

By making the shipping list and invoice in a perfect manner, Artcamp obviates
the heavy fixed expense of the wholesalers in handling, shipping and invoicing.

This model is the key to a revolutionary tool and real advantage for the producer;
and for the consumer as well as the product can be delivered at a very good value.

As the model has proven successful, the idea is to make it available to other groups;
Producers all over the world can ship their crafts direct to the retailers, like Artcamp.

The founders and promoters of this project ought to be proud, to play their part;
it is a gift of god Globalism; how rare that the Campesino would be a beneficiary!


The primary avenue for the financing of the Artisan-Owned Direct Distribution Plan
Is to be the old fashioned way; earning it, by proving the products in the marketplace.

Fortunately, Artcamp has come a long way and has valid beautiful product to present.
The Artcamp website catalog , the CDROM catalog, and one page color print brochure.

Turquoise and Onyx and Amber Bracelets, Rings, Earrings, in Fine Pewter and .925 Silver.
Candleholdres, Astrology & Runes, Abalone Shell Mosaic, Mother of Pearl, River Shells.

Even though it is far from optimum efficiency shipping single packages to the customers,
it is a practical means to get the project underway, in a healthy manner that pays as it goes.

It is our intention to establish a marketing department to manage the flow of communications
with prospects and customers, and that is another subject that is still to be addressed in detail.