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Our community has been involved in handcrafts production since before we were born.
To tell our story we would have to go back to the times of our parents and grandmothers.

The Municipality of Taxco is one of the richest centers of artesanias in México.
We are country women mostly from villages near Taxco, especially Tecalpulco.

In the 1970s and 1980s our villages created abalone jewelry in alpaca metal;
The elaborate floral encrustations were well-accepted and sold around the world.

In those years nobody knew how well off we were; hundreds of families in our villages employed
as buyers came from all over to buy the handcrafted jewelry of Tecalpulco.

The markets collapsed in 1989-1990 and suddenly our pieces were no longer considered valuable.
We did not understand and we struggled to find ways to continue working in the ways we knew and to seek out
new forms of production, new styles, and new customers.

We saved a centrifugal casting machine from a small foreign-owned factory where some
of us worked and that casting machine became our cooperative effort to create employment.

The years of the 1990s were very difficult
since the traditional markets of the Mexican artisan became flooded
with all kinds of products especially handcrafts from China India Bali, etcetera

We have lived from job to job and from hope to hope always seeking to improve ourselves
finding ways to be more efficient in production, to insure the satisfaction of our customers.

When we have visitors they always say that they are impressed by the way we organize
our work and the professional way in which we go about our business; this is something
we have learned from necessity because today the customers all want price, quality and service

We know that is what it takes these days to compete in the modern marketplace.


Our goal is to connect the rich handcrafts tradition of our community
with the present day markets of the world in order that we can provide
for our families, so that our children are able to enjoy dignified lives.

We expect when we finally succeed, our cooperative
can become a model for other cooperatives in México
and other countries; and they can follow our example.

This new commercial world is extremely difficult for craftspeople
but it is not more than our ability if God is willing and will help us.

We have made our websiteand have developed a CDROM catalog
so as to make our craft products available to prospects and clients.

These types of marketing systems with which we are trying to become experts
we would like to be able to offer one day and to show other women artisans
how they can control their lives by being creative, efficient, and productive.