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The single greatest expense for Distribution Companies
is that they have to have so much money into inventory.

And it is inevitably the case, that they still constantly have
TOO much of some items and TOO little of the best seller.

A tremendous amount of energy and money is consumed
in projecting sales and ordering-in the pieces that are selling.

Ordinarily, the difficulties of the Distributors are magnified further
when sourcing product from outside the country that one lives in.

When the Producer is her own Distributor she would need to hold a fraction
of the stock of a Distributor in order to support identical level of sales volume.

Certain styles could be semi-finished and stored as parts waiting for the orders
to come in before inlaying turquoise, or onyx, or amber, or coral, or whatever.

OK, so the Importer/Distributor has to invest in and carry the weight of inventory;
and to hire somone to pick and ship, and he needs to oversee those operations.

All of this is to handle merchandise, when the Producer herself can do all that work.
Instead of going into backorder and losing sales, she hurries up to make the pieces!

There are SO many obvious advantages to having the stock room and fulfillment
studio at the end of the production line, where everything is far more convenient.