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Classic Taxco .925 silver jewelry. World class silversmith work and a superlative surface finish. Continue Reading



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Our parents and grandparents made handcrafted jewelry in the home workshops of our village and we are proudly carrying forward the tradition, in order to provide a future for our children. Continue Reading...

Artisan Direct Distribution Model
Catalog and Shopping Cart
Artisan Direct Distribution Model Catalog and Shopping Cart
Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry
by native peoples craftswomens artisans cooperative in México.

We are the proud Designers and Makers
of our products and we are very proud
of every piece we make, in our ancient
and honorable tradition as native artisans.

In solidarity Fair Trade movement!

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Hummingbird Totem Earrings; Handcrafted lapidary work, in silver...
Turtle and other totem bracelets; stone mosaic lapidary...
Belt Buckles

Inlayed Belt Buckles with flexible bridge for 1 and ½ inch (standard) belt.

Spiral Earrings


Golden Section Spirals

Kid Glove Bracelets


Bandola Pendants
Stone Mosaic Pendant with Bandola. Expert lapidary work set in...
Abalone Aztec Calendar Day Sign

Pacific Blue Abalone Shell Inlaid in Fine Pewter Silver Aztec Calendar Day Sign

Silver Overlay Bracelets

Handcrafted Silver Overlay Bracelets. First Class Master Silversmithing; Hammered and...

White Buffalo Bracelets
White Buffalo Bracelets with soldered metal flowers....
Animal Totem
Nahua Flower Earrings

Earrings. Natural flower encapsulation in artisan jewelry. These flowers are believed to...

Mayan Month Sign Pendants

The Mayan Calendar Signs guided one’s luck in the seasons of ancient times in...

Silver Overlay Earrings

Handcrafted Silver Overlay Earrings (large); Hammered and Smooth Sheet Jeweler’s...

Silver Overlay Small Earrings

Handcrafted Silver Overlay Earrings (small); Hammered and Smooth Sheet Jeweler’s...

Nahua Bracelets

Bracelets. Natural flower encapsulation in artisan jewelry. These flowers are believed to...

Worry Rings

Ring stress releaser, available in variety of colors and combinations. All sizes.

Everything Mexico. Aztec and Mayan jewelry. Patriotic Mexican...
03 Fancy Chain
Pendant and Chain combination. Elegant handcrafted stone mosaic...
Nahua Flowers Hair Barrettes

Natural flower encapsulation in artisan jewelry. These flowers are believed to have certain...


Handcrafted Silver Overlay Rings (adjustable); Hammered and Diamondcut Jeweler’s...

04 Silver Overlay Collar
Silver Overlay neckpieces. Comfortable. Elegant....
Stone Mosaic Earrings. Worldclass lapidary art. Silver Overlay...
Bear and Wolf Hammered Earrings

Wolf and Bear Totems from the silversmith’s bench are cut out with a jewelers-saw by...

Jeweltone Earrings

Jeweltone Earrings. Colorful. Artistic. Hammered by hand ear-wires; the safest thing you...

Soldered Bale

Stone Mosaic Pendants with natural stone material in a handsome large pendant with...

Diamondcut Pendants

Stone Mosaic Pendants with natural stone material in a handsome large pendant. Comes with...

Small Pendants
Stone Mosaic Pendants (small) with natural stone material in a...
Three-Stone Ring

Fine Pewter Silver Ring featuring Turquoise inlay.

Adjustable Rings

Adjustable rings with Doble Stone Mosaic, handmade by and expert lapidary artisan

Adjustable Bracelets
Adjustable Bracelets are hand-crafted of German Silver or...
Hair Accesories

Stone Mosaic Hair Barrettes with secure French-style Clip


Stone Mosaic Brooches with secure Joint and Catch Pin Back

Abalone Hair Barrettes
Pacific Blue Abalone Shell Hair Barrettes with secure French...
Abalone Bracelets
Adjustable Silver Overlay Bracelets with Pacific Abalone...
Abalone Brooches
Pacific Abalone Shell Brooches

Abalone Animals Figures

Expert lapidary work. Blue Pacific Abalone Shell Sculptures

Abalone Thimbles

Pacific Blue Abalone Shell Traditional Thimbles.

2 x ED2-WB-002 | Small Rectangle Earrings in White Buffalo Stone
2 x MINI-SMALL | Blue and Red Theme Stone Mosaic Earrings| ED-2-036
2 x SMALL | Tiny Drop Turquoise Zodalite Theme Mosaic Earrings | ED-
2 x MEDIUM | Southwest Color Theme Stone Mosaic Stirrup Earrings | E
2 x SMALL | Tiny Teardrop Earrings Kitman Turquoise Theme | ED-3-056
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Aqua Green Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-088
2 x SMALL | Turquoise Theme Star Earrings | ED-3-049
2 x MEDIUM | Amethyst Theme Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-083
2 x 03- Fine Pewter
2 x MEDIUM | Turquoise Theme Small Triangle Stone Mosaic Earrings |
1 x MEDIUM | Three Stone Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-119
2 x LARGE | Turquoise Mother of Pearl Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-4-0
2 x MINI | Tiny Circle Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-002
1 x LARGE | Turquoise Circle and drops in stone mosaic | ED-2-067
2 x MEDIUM | Stone Turquoise Theme Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-099
1 x MEDIUM | Turquoise Theme Chino Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-016
2 x SMALL | Tigereye Theme Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-072
3 x MEDIUM | Blue and Green Triangle Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-05
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-075
2 x Elizabeth Order
2 x LARGE | Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-4-012
2 x MEDIUM | Blue Red Violet Medium Teardrop-shape | ED-3-039
2 x MINI | Bloodstone Theme Filigri Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-014
2 x MEDIUM | Zulu Spear Earrings Three Section Yellow Greenstone | E
2 x SMALL | Jasper and Bloodstone Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-111
2 x MINI-SMALL | Circle Earrings in Turquoise and Abalone Shell | ED
2 x MEDIUM | Abalone Shell Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-125
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Earrings Stone Mosaic Amethyst | ED-2-063
2 x SMALL | Zodalite Small Drop Earrings | ED-2-076
2 x MINI-SMALL | Tiny Rectangle Green Turquoise Stone Mosaic Earring
2 x MEDIUM | Bloodstone Turquoise Small Triangle Stone Mosaic Earrin
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Classic Earrings Onyx Obsidian Theme Stone Inlay
2 x MEDIUM | Bloodstone and Jasper Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-101
2 x SMALL | Tiny Circle Campechana Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-060
2 x MEDIUM | Amethyst Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-113
2 x LARGE | Campechana Medium Crescent Moon Stone Mosaic Earrings |
3 x MEDIUM-LARGE | Abalone Shell Inlay Earrings | ED-2-109
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Obsidian Theme Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-2-078
1 x SMALL | Multi Stone Mosaic Stars Earrings | ED-3-042
3 x ED3-WB-011| Long White Buffalo Earrings
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Long Drop Turquoise Earrings | ED-2-045
2 x LARGE | Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-084
3 x SMALL | Tiny Bloodstone Amethyst Teardrop | ED-3-058
3 x SMALL | Small Zodalite Earrings | ED-2-098
2 x MEDIUM-LARGE | Small Leaf Multi-Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-06
2 x SMALL | Bloodstone Jasper Mosaic Teardrop Earrings | ED-3-067
2 x MEDIUM LARGE | Obsidian Theme Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-084
2 x SMALL | Classic Teardrop Earrings Six Stone Mosaic Kitman Cerul
2 x MEDIUM | Abulon Moon Shell Inlay Earrings | HA-ED-005
1 x MINI | Onyx Obsidian Theme Filigri Stone Inlay Earrings | ED-2-0
1 x MEDIUM | Multi Stone Long Earrings | ED-3-024
1 x MEDIUM LARGE | Long Drop Abalone Shell and Turquoise Earrings |
1 x SMALL | Tiny Circle Campechana Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-3-022
1 x LARGE | Stone Mosaic Earrings | ED-4-009
1 x ED2-WB-005| Curved Earrings en Howlite Stone.
1 x MEDIUM | Drop Earrings Zodalite Theme Stone Mosaic Inlay | ED-2-
1 x MEDIUM | Bloodstone Jasper Theme Medium Heart Stone Mosaic Earri
1 x SMALL | Multi Stone Tiny Teardrop Earrings | ED-3-064
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