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Authentic Artisan Handcrafted

"This pale veined stone is amazing, yet was overlooked over for many many generations. Until recently, someone polished and cut it into a cabachon and was transfixed by the black vein designs in the variegated shades of white matrix.  This natural combination striking the eye with subtle beauty and looking spectacular in a silver bezel setting. I was totally blown away when I discovered that the cooperative craftswomen in Mexico were working the white buffalo this stone and incorporating it into their jewelrey designs knowing immediately how hot it would be.Then, when they got on the carborundum wheel and began to inlay the different shades of White Buffalo in stone mosaic.  I knew they had gone one step farther than anything I had seen before.   This jewelry is delightful.  It is a real value and sells extremely well at the pow-wows, both the great gatherings, and the local meets. This authentic handcrafted jewelry is a product of the artisan direct distribution model project involving the elimination of commercial and middlemen intermediaries of every stripe. By cutting the commercial characters OUT of the equation,creativity and esthetics come to the fore. " Daniel Pautler

BZ-WB-003| White Buffalo Silver Overlay Bracelet.
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BZ-WB-004 | Rectangular White Buffalo Stone Mosaic in Bracelet
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BZ-WB-006| Oval Shape Mosaic of Dalmatian and White Buffalo Ston
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BZ-WB-009| Rectangular Bracelet Howlite.
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BZ-WB-016 | White Buffalo Stone Mosaic Bracelet
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P2-WB-004| Quadrate Pewter Pendant With White Buffalo Stone.
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P2-WB-006| Pewter Pendant Stone Mosaic.
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P2-WB-007| Pewter Circular Pendant.
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P3-WB-002 | Diamond Cut Stone Mosaic in White Buffalo Pendant.
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P3-WB-003 | Diamond Cut Pewter Oval Pendant stone mosaic.
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P3-WB-005| Diamond-Cut Pewter Pendant With Smooth White Buffalo
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P3-WB-006| Diamond Cut Oval Pendant in Smooth White Buffalo Ston
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P3-WB-007| Diamond Cut Pewter Diamond Shape Pendant With  in How
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P3-WB-008 | Diamond cut  Rectangular Pendant.
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R1-WB-001 | Small Pewter Ring With Howlite Stone in Diamond Shap
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R1-WB-002 | Small Ring In Pewter Howlite Stone in Circle Shape
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R1-WB-003 | Small Pewter Ring  With Howlite Stone in Hearth Shap
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R2-WB-001 | Howlite Stone Adjustable Ring
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R3-WB-001 | Howlite  Three Stone
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R3-WB-002 | Howlite Three Stones Inlay Ring
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SMPR-WB-008| Small Post Earrings in Howlite Stone.
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ED2-WB-002 | Small Rectangle Earrings in White Buffalo Stone
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ED2-WB-003 | Tiny Circle Shape Earrings in White Buffalo Stone
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ED2-WB-004 | Sheet Shape Earrings In Dalmatian and White Buffalo
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ED2-WB-005| Curved Earrings en Howlite Stone.
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ED3-WB-002|  Drop Earrings in White Buffalo.
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ED3-WB-005 | Dalmatian and White Buffalo Earrings.
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ED3-WB-008| Small Earrings in White Buffalo Stone.
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ED3-WB-009| Moon in Howlite Stone Pewter Earrings.
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ED3-WB-011| Long White Buffalo Earrings
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SMPR-WB-004 | White Buffalo and Dalmatian Stone Post Earrings
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SMPR-WB-007| Elegant Oval Post Earrings.
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1 x PH-BEAR-001 | Pewter Pendant with Resin Bear Design
1 x 20 Inches Big Chain
1 x CH-R-016 | Worry Ring Sky Blue and Turquoise Xakira
1 x |LN-A-029 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, Color Yellow
1 x 07-Red Three-Stone Adjustable Inlay Ring *** | R-3-004
1 x Turquoise Theme Spiral Pendant | SP-008
1 x CAP-002 | Earrings Heart Shape with Bear
2 x CAP-003 | Pendant Bear Round Large
1 x Amethyst theme Inlay Adjustable Three-Stone Ring *** | R-3-013
1 x 02 Black Liquid Silver - NK-02-001
1 x AL-BZ-026-TB | Bracelet 4 threads Tumbaga
1 x |LN-A-024 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, Blue
1 x |LN-A-025 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, adjustable, color Black
1 x 02 Blue Liquid Silver - NK-02-003
1 x 02-Turquoise Inlay Adjustable Three-Stone Ring *** | R-3-001
1 x SO-ER-029 | Silver Overlay Walking bear shaped earrings
1 x Tigereye theme Inlay Adjustable Three-Stone Ring *** | R-3-008
1 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-007
1 x Shamans order
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-005
1 x J-BEAR-001 | Walking Bear in Abalone Shell and Xakira Jewelry Set
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-004
1 x C-HB-002| Kid glove Hair Barrette, brown color.
2 x Smooth Copper Bracelet
1 x C-HB-003| Kid glove Hair Barrette, blue color.
1 x SO-ER-016-TB | Oval Tumbaga Earrings
1 x SO-ER-025-TB | Drop Shape Tumbaga Earrings
1 x SP-005 | Amethyst Spiral Pendant
1 x SO-ER-030-TB | Wolf Tumbaga Earrings
1 x |LN-A-028 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, Color Green
1 x PH-HORSE-001 | Horse Pewter Pendat
1 x 20 Inches Small Chain
1 x BPW-008
1 x Nahua Flowers with Fancy Chain Necklace | NK-03-003-NP
1 x 22 Inches Small Chain
1 x CH-R-017 | Ring with mobible band of white chaquira
1 x CH-R-015 | Worry Ring Obsidian and Onyx Xakira
1 x PH-WOLF-001 | Wolf in Blue Night Pendant
1 x 22 Inches Big Chain
1 x PH-BUFFALO-001 | Buffalo Pendant
1 x CH-R-011 | Worry Ring White and Black
1 x BPW-013
1 x BPW-014
1 x 16 Inches Small Chain
1 x 01 Adjustable Cordon 6 Pieces - NK-05-001-2
1 x Rectangular Nahua Flowers Hair Barrete | FP-HB-002
1 x CH-HB-022 |
1 x FP-NBZ-003 | Nahua Flower and Leaves Bracelet
1 x 01 Adjustable Cordon 13 piece - NK-05-001-3
1 x FP-NBZ-004 | Pink Nahua Flower Bracelet
1 x FP-NBZ-005 | Sunflower Nahua Bracelet
1 x SO-ER-006-TB | Tumaba Rectangles Earrings
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-002
1 x Liquid Silver with Pendant | NK-02-001-P
1 x SP-007 | Red Theme Spiral Pendant
1 x C-HB-001| Kid glove Hair Barrette, orange color.
1 x SO-ER-002-TB | Tumbaga Earrings
1 x SP-004 | White Turquoise Spiral Pendant
1 x 03-Stone Mosaic Bracelet | BZ-017
1 x AL-BZ-018-TB | Tumbaga Circles Bracelet
1 x C-HB-007| Kid glove Hair Barrette, fiusha color.
1 x PH-SUN-002 | Sun Eclipse Pewter Pendant
1 x CH-R-018 | Ring Yellow-Banda and Chakira
1 x CH-R-013 | Worry Ring Esmeralda and Cerulean Blue Xakira
1 x BPW-003
1 x PH-BEAR-002 | Bear Claw Pendant
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-003
1 x SP-006 | Spiral Pendant
1 x Stone Mosaic Ring ** | R-3-018
1 x CH-R-019 Red Xakira Worry Ring
1 x BPW-010
1 x PA3-BEAR-001| Black Bear Pewter Pendant.
1 x PH-LIZARD-001 | Green Lizard Pendant
1 x ED-A-007
1 x ED-A-021
1 x ED-A-008
1 x Silver Overlay Celtic Earrings |AL-ER-022
1 x ED-A-010
1 x Silver Overlay Celtic Earrings | AL-ER-016
1 x ED-A-016
1 x Earrings Silver Pearl Orange|AL-ER-033
1 x Silver Overlay Celtic Earrings |AL-ER-020
1 x Diamondcut Pendant with Fancy Chain | NK-03-001-DP
1 x BPW-006
1 x CH-R-014 | Worry Ring White
1 x CH-R-003 | Xakira Band Worry Ring
1 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-006
1 x 02-Abalone Shell Three-Stone Inlay Ring *** | R-3-002
1 x Liquid Silver with Pendant | NK-02-002-P
1 x SP-008 | Turquoise Theme Spiral Pendant
1 x SO-ER-018-TB | Square Tumbaga Earrings
1 x CH-R-004 | Worry Ring Red and Blue
1 x PH-KOK-001 | Kokopelli Pendant
1 x PH-KOK-003 | Green Kokopelli Pendant
1 x BPW-012
1 x CH-R-010 | Worry Ring White,Green and Yellow Xakira
1 x BPW-002
1 x BPW-004
1 x SMLB-001 Stone Link Bracelet
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-001
1 x Nahua Flower with Liquid Silver Necklace | NK-02-004-NP
1 x SO-ER-033 | Double silver overlay earrings with bear
1 x Fine Pewter earrings AZ-ED-006
1 x CAP-006 | Earrings Little Bear Square Abalone Shell Xakira
1 x Multi Three-Stone Inlay Ring *** | R-3-003
1 x SO-ER-015-TB | Tumbaga rhombus earrings
1 x Silver earrings in the shape of a heart with pearl orange|AL-ER-
1 x Earrings silver in the form of moon with Pearl Orange| AL-ER-031
1 x Earrings Silver flower with Pearl Orange| AL-ER-030
1 x PH-KOK-002 | God Kokopelli Pendant
1 x Stone Mosaic Heart Pendant with Fancy Chain | NK-03-002-HP
1 x 18 Inches Small Chain
1 x 18 Inches Big Chain
1 x 03 Fancy Chain - NK-03-001
1 x 02-Black Three-Stone Inlay Adjustable Ring *** | R-3-005
1 x 01-Zodalite theme Inlay Adjustable Three-Stone Ring *** | R-3-010
1 x SO-ER-032-TB | Bear Tumbaga Earrings
1 x |LN-A-026 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, Red
1 x CAP-008 | Earrings Little Bear Circle Abalone
1 x CH-C-023
2 x SO-ER-035 | Silver overlay oval earrings with a bear
1 x C-HB-005| Kid glove Hair Barrette, purple color.
1 x |LN-A-022 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, color Pink
1 x World Mission Crafts Order
1 x PA3-FISH-001| Salmon Pewter Pendant.
1 x BPW-011
1 x PH-BEAR-003 | Bear Pendant
1 x PH-EAGLE-001 | Eagle Pendant
2 x C-HB-009| Kid glove Hair Barrette, pink color.
2 x MEDIUM LARGE |Drop Turquoise and Zodalite Theme Stone Mosaic Ear
2 x |LN-A-027 Collar de Kid Glove, Trenzado, Ajustable, Brown color
2 x C-HB-006| Kid glove Hair Barrette, black color.
2 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-003
2 x 02 Red Liquid Silver - NK-02-002
1 x SP-002 | Ancestral Desing In Abalone Shell Pendant
1 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-002
1 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-011
1 x C-HB-004| Kid glove Hair Barrette, brown color.
1 x AL-BZ-020-TB | Tumbaga Bracelet
1 x Stone Link Bracelet SMLB-008
2 x CAP-001 | Pendant Bear Heart Large
1 x |LN-A-023 Kid Glove Necklace, Braided, Adjustable, Color Purple
1 x C-HB-008| Kid glove Hair Barrette, green color.
1 x Aztec Bronce Bracelets AZ-BZ-002
2 x AL-P-002 | Wolf Silver Overlay Pendant
1 x Rectangular Nahua Flowers Hair Barrette | FP-HB-003
1 x CH-HB-021 |
1 x 01 Adjustable Cordon one piece - NK-05-001
1 x SO-ER-030 | Wolf Silver Overlay Earrings
1 x Handmade Golden Earwire
1 x FP-NBZ-006 | Rectangular Nahua Bracelet
1 x Aztec Bronce Bracelets AZ-BZ-003
1 x Scorpion and Coconut Shell Inlay Belt Buckle
1 x AL-P-001 | Bear Silver Overlay Pendant
1 x Scorpion with Abalone Shell Belt Buckle
1 x Wolf Pendant | PA-3-006
1 x Tonatiuh Sun God Copper Bracelet AZ-BZ-001
1 x SO-ER-034 | Silver oval earrings with wolf in the center
1 x Oval Nahua Flowers Hair Barrette | FP-HB-001
1 x Nahua Flower Adjustable Bracelet | FP-NBZ-001
1 x Pacific Blue Abalone Shell -Learn More-
1 x 16 Inches Big Chain
1 x BPW-005
1 x BPW-009
1 x BPW-015
1 x PH-SUN-001 | Sun of Resin in Pewter Pendant
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