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01-PN-001 | Stone Mosaic Playing Cat Brooch

Stone Mosaic Playing Cat Brooch
Set in German Silver Alloy
Overlayed with Silver;
Quality Joint and Catch Pin Back
approximately 1.5 inches = 4 cm.



3.5 cm = 1.37 inches


You are going to be able to plug into a network of suppliers of products;
and these suppliers will be the natural artisans, the producers, themselves,
whether it is the artisan community of Tecalpulco with its beautiful jewelry,
or if it is the community of Cochiraya-Puno with its alpaca wool weavings

P.P.S. The product is guaranteed. Anything you do not like you can return within ninety days.
You get your money refunded, or you get a full credit toward something else. 
You let us know what makes you happy. That is fair. 
You're protected by an iron-clad 100% super-guarantee 
and you even get to keep the valuable free gifts just for trying out Fair Trade Fundraising.

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