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Crescent Moon Pendant Bloodstone Jasper | P-2-028

Crescent Moon Pendant Bloodstone Jasper; Accomplished Lapidary Work set in Fine Pewter Silver Alloy; No Nickel No Lead No Cadmium No Zinc Pendant comes with Jump Ring.P-2-028



3.4 cm = 1.33 inches



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Azucena Novela

Scene 19 

Un joven con sombrero blanco, en la línea de montadores;
su cara lisa es bonita, sus ojos relampaguean como rayos.

A white-hatted youth stands, in a line of bull riders;
his smooth face is pretty, his eyes are like streaks.

Ve alrededor, mirandose seguro y bien asentado;
agarra polvo entre sus manos para ensuciarselas.

He looks about him, seeming cool and settled;
grabbing dust, rubbing his hands to dirty them.

Observa sus dos manos y escupe en ellas;
mirando al gente se ajusta su sombrero.

He looks at his two hands he is spitting in them;
he is viewing into the crowd, he adjusts his hat.

Tiene veinte años y es endiabladamente bien parecido
sin esperanzas ni sueños, el vive solamente para esta hora.

He is twenty years old; and he is devilishly good-looking
without any hopes and dreams, he lives only for this hour.

Mira hacia los asientos de madera donde la gente esta alborotada;
irguiendo su cadera un poquito los mira, el pingo con cara de niño

Looking out now over the wooden stands which are swollen with people;
cocking his hips just a bit he looks at them, the babyfaced daredevil.

Cuando sube al toro, no esta haciendo planes, no tiene nada
en mente, excepto la calida sensacion de vivir en el peligro.

When he climbs up on the beast, he is making no plans; he has nothing
in his mind except the pure life that speaks to a man who lives danger

El esta con enorme tension esperando su turno de montar al animal;
escondiendo sus verdaderos emociones mostrando solo suave firmeza.

He is enduring great tension waiting his turn to mount the animal;
hiding his true feelings and revealing only a smooth steady manner.

La voz en los altavoces esta anunciando el baile despues del jaripeo;
Entonces: Ahora de Tecalpulco Guerrero, un montador, un valiente!

A brass loudspeaker voice is announcing the dance after the rodeo;
then: "and now, from Tecalpulco Guerrero, a bullrider, a brave lad!"

Su nombre es Arturo, pero lo conocen como El Atrevido
(Ese es el apodo que le dieron y le gusta escucharlo.)

"His name is Arturo, but what they call him is 'The Daring One'"
(That was the nickname they had given him, he likes to hear it.)

El Atrevido va a montar El Maestro de Tultepec: es del
rancho de Don Gregorio Mendoza, famoso por sus salvajes!

"The daring one is now going to ride "El Maestro" from Xultepec;
he is from Don Gregorio Mendoza's ranch, famous for its wild ones"

La banda toca un montón trompetazos, tamborzazos y cimbalazos;
el aire festivo se divide con la fanfarria tradicion del jaripeo.

The band strikes up a flurry of brass horns and drums and cymbals;
the festive air was split with the traditional rodeo riders fanfare.

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