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Classic Taxco .925 silver jewelry. World class silversmith work and a superlative surface finish. Continue Reading



We are proud of every piece we make . If, for any reason you are not satisfied, or something breaks, we will immediately repair the piece or replace it to your satisfaction. Continue Reading


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Authentic Social Project

Our parents and grandparents made handcrafted jewelry in the home workshops of our village and we are proudly carrying forward the tradition, in order to provide a future for our children. Continue Reading...

AL-BZ-003 | Spiral Silver Overlay Bracelet


Expertly handcrafted Silver Plated Bracelet, adjustable to any wrist.  Bronze with pure silver overlay. Soldered joints. This handsome bracelet is designed and made by accomplished silversmiths in and near Taxco, and can be worn by men or women.

Wide: 6 cm = 2.3 inches

Effective Jewelry Display - Frame and Backdrop (II)

Also, be sure to utilize varying heights. This single technique can make such a difference! The professionals know that varying the display heights gives your display the sense of dimension. This is also the way to draw attention to signature pieces of jewelry that you may wish to feature.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try different things. You might also try using different angles and even setting props at diagonals. At craft fairs, rig up some kind of curtains or another kind of dark-colored back-drop, so the prospects don't see the junky interior of your booth. The most important thing to remember is to show your pieces against black. This is the one color that lets the colors in your jewelry pieces stand out for what they are, without being influenced by colors in the backdrop or the frame. If you only show your jewelry against black velvet, for example, you can NOT go wrong. THE NEW FAIR TRADE IS ETHICAL FAIR TRADE Fair trade organizations are a way to get high quality handcrafts and jewelry while supporting a worthy cause. Fair Trade means no sweat shops, no slave wages. Fair Trade means public transparency Fair Trade insures that producers receive significant economic benefit through providing work to the local economy and supporting the community by providing for genuine healthy economic growth. Ethical Fair Trade is found in a cultural content and with cultural texture. An Ornamental object is framed by the color and tradition of the people who has created it, and are part of its beauty.


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